• How do I open an account and become a registered customer?

    Simple. You need to bring your passport OR driver’s licence plus bankcard, as well as a proof of address (bank statement, utility bill etc) to any branch. You will also need to fill out an open account form at our branch, or in advance which can be downloaded from our website. After you have successfully registered, you are entitled to a range of special offerings by E-TRANS including, but not limited to special rates, quick telegraphic transfers and low T/T fees.
    Please note that we cannot accept customer registrations through phone calls or emails.

  • I am already a registered customer, so can I exchange money without visiting a branch?

    Yes, of course. If your transaction does not involve cash payments or receipts, you are not required visit a branch. Alternatively, you could email or call your nearest branch by providing your details and our manager will be happy to complete the transaction for you.
    Please note that E-TRANS can only provide services to the registered person him/herself. Hence, we cannot accept customers acting on behalf of any other persons or third party.

  • Why should I choose to exchange my money through E-TRANS?

    E-TRANS has intimate business relationships with many banks and financial providers and are selective with whom we deal with. Thus, we are able to obtain special wholesale rates, reduce costs and provide services without charging customers commission or extra fees. Over the years, we have maintained a high reputation in the foreign exchange industry, which can be seen through a large number of transactions by providing quality, efficient and reliable services to our customers.

  • Where can I find the rate?

    You can find the rate and market trends on our website to help you decide the ideal time to exchange your currency. Once you are satisfied with the rates, you can contact us and we will help you with your money transfers as well as any questions associated with the exchange.

  • Do I have to register for cash transactions?

    If you are exchanging less than 1000 AUD (or foreign currencies equivalent), it is not necessary for you to open an account with us. However, if you would like to exchange more than 1000 AUD (or foreign currencies equivalent), you will need to open an account with us before doing any transactions.

  • What are the methods of payment? Can I transfer my money to E-tran’s bank account?

    You can transfer any amount to E-TRANS’ bank account through internet banking, mobile banking, or by visiting your local bank. You may also make cheques payable to E-TRANS – however this may take 3 working days to clear. Please contact us for our bank account details and confirm your method of payment before making any transfers.

  • Can E-TRANS transfer the currencies to my bank account?

    If you do not want to receive cash and wish to transfer the money straight to your bank account, you can either fill out a withdrawal application form on efx Manager, or simply contact us to provide your bank details.

  • Can I cancel the transaction if the transaction is completed?

    Once you have agreed on the rate and agreed to do the transaction, E-TRANS will simultaneously complete a deal in the international foreign exchange market. This means that you cannot cancel or change the completed transaction. If for any reason you insist to cancel the transaction or settle a part of transaction sum, you will need to do a new transaction according to today’s rate in order to undo the previous transaction.

  • What happens if I did not receive E-TRANS’ payment on time?

    If you or your beneficiary did not receive E-TRANS’ payment within the expected timeframe, please have your transaction receipt ready and contact us as soon as possible. E-TRANS will quickly investigate as to why the payment did not go through and solve the issue to the best of our ability.

  • Can I transfer money for business immigration purposes?

    If you require a large amount of funds to meet the requirements of business immigration, E-TRANS will be more than happy to help you transfer the funds from your overseas bank account to your local bank account within a short period of time. Choosing E-TRANS can reduce the costs of your transfer as we offer special rates, as well as make the transfer simple and hassle free. Please contact us if you require more information.

  • Can I transfer money for enterprise and trading purposes?

    E-TRANS are able to help you with your business needs by transferring various currencies to different parts of the world. Providing you a peace of mind that you can receive the currencies in a timely manner – without affecting the efficiency of your business operations.

  • Can I transfer money if I am/going to study abroad?

    E-TRANS have provided services for international students throughout the years, ensuring that students are able to receive their funds safely and efficiently from their parents to pay for school fees and living costs. If you are studying abroad and you are wondering about how to transfer money, please contact us for more information.

  • How do I exchange money for travel purposes?

    If you need to buy foreign currencies for your destination country, or would like to exchange the foreign currencies that you have brought back, E-TRANS can offer you the best rate without charging any fees or commission. We accept and sell most foreign currencies – please check availability at your nearest branch.

  • Can I transfer money for property purchases?

    E-TRANS will assist you in purchasing your new home through transferring your funds safely and efficiently – ensuring that you can sign the contract and make the deposit on time.

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