It is E-TRANS’s policy to respect confidentiality and privacy of individuals. This Privacy Statement sets out the ways E-TRANS managing your information upon your access to this website.

E-TRANS is required to collect certain information in order to provide financial services and satisfy your needs in customer services from time to time. The requested information may include but not limited to your name, date of birth, address, email address, telephone number, identification document particulars, income and employment details, etc. The internet service provider of E-TRANS may also record your information upon your access to this website including but not limited to your domain name, time of access, contents you access to and type of browser. If you choose not to supply information as requested, E-TRANS may not be able to provide dealing or related services to you.

Your information may be used for the purpose of daily operation of the service provided to you, as well as managing your account, reviewing your ongoing needs, improving and enhancing customer service and products to be provided to both existing and potential customers, promoting and marketing, dealing or related services and products, and giving ongoing information or opportunities that may be relevant to you.

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